Back from the Conference!-Follow-up Funding

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Well ladies and gents, we’re back from the ESRI Conference! Made some great contacts, made some new friends, and made some impressions on people that matter (we hope!). You can see us in the picture with our oh so fashionable matching shirts, available in the gift shop, if ever you’re so inclined to show your love for the WFCRC.

So we had a good time, at some delicious San Diego fried fish and chips, and generally acted like tourists. One great thing was the ESRI afterparty at Balboa Park. Not only did we get complimentary snacks and desserts (including fresh-made cotton candy), all attendees got access to Balboa Park’s Museums, including the Museum of Natural History and the Art Museum. We had a blast! A two headed kingsnake, water strider larvae, and a giant scarab statue were also among the attendees.

One of the organizations that we met was the Census of Marine Life. They have a comprehensive website of many different species. Our favourite section of their site is the video gallery , which is chock full of interesting and informative videos.

In other news, the WFCRC is moving on with our next funding phase! If you know of any asset-heavy individual or organization that would like to contribute to our cause, or would even like to solicit a presentation to learn more about our cause, please let us know!

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  1. Two things.1. Sara meoeinntd in a podcast that she had a recipe for Reef Flakes. What was the combination she used. I have a 120 I’ve been planning for years and I just got an email that the Reef Flakes are available again at Premium Aquatics. Apparently they are the only ones who sale it.2. How about you guys do a podcast on organisms that double as test kits? What I mean is experienced reefers can often tell when some parameter is out of whack by looking at the animals in the tank. I know this anecdotal but I bet there are some useful yellow canaries .BTW, met Gary and his wife when he came to Milwaukee to do a talk on reef photography (WRS)Saw Sara in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel talking about Foster&Smith and got excited.ThanksDarius Wright (Aquaboogie)

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