Bar crawl Fundraiser Jan 2013

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Wow! What a time to be alive!

So, we had a great time this weekend in Columbus, Ohio on our bar crawl through Park street watching the NFC/AFC championship games. It was a cold day, but we braved the weather to get the word out about the need for reef conservation and oil spill clean up! We sold tickets and held a raffle for half of all of the money we took in at each location, and then a second drawing for an awesome event t-shirt designed by one of our very own.

Cash Winner- Park Street Cantina

Shirt Winner - Park Street Cantina

We started at Park Street Cantina big thank you to the CGS group for opening their doors to us and their manager Ryan for all of his help. We had a lot of fun working out the kinks of our very first fund raiser. It was a mess at first communicating among us, none of us having done anything like this before. We learned a lot about dividing the bar into sections so that we made sure to get to everyone that wanted to enter. And going back to sections one of the other people had already visited in order to give patrons a second chance to enter before we held drawings. We even had a couple of people go to the ATM just so they could buy tickets! Next we visited Bar Louie, after what we learned from the first bar, we thought we were prepared to systematically engage our targets. Were we ever wrong! Bar Louie was PACKED!

Cash Winner - Bar Louie


And I mean every seat was filled and the staff was flying all over the place trying to get everyone their food and drinks! We did a good job of staying out of their way though, and this ate up a lot of our time so by the time that we sold all of the tickets we were going to sell the drawing was held later than we intended.  Again we had a great time and got to talk to a few people that were interested in some of the fun facts that we shared about why reefs are important to us.

Shirt Winner- Bar Louie

Because our schedule ran over at Bar Louie we had to make a command decision of whether to go to BBR or Endzone, two really great venues to watch the game. Both have flat screens in every direction so your girlfriend doesn’t get mad at you for turning around every five minutes while she’s in the middle of her tireless monologue about the latest Kardashian gossip.

Cash Winner - BBR

We decided to make BBR our mission because it was closer, and frankly Columbus, Ohio is cold. We ran into a little trouble because BBR was also hosting a radio station that day that was giving away Kid Rock tickets and other prizes, and our event coordinator decided to wear his 97.1 The Fan shirt that day! Thanks to that little bit of controversy, the quick wit of our event coordinator on the microphone,

Shirt Winner - BBR

and all of our friends that were at BBR waiting for us to make our final stop there, we were able to finish out this event famously and in good style. So, our apologies to 96.3fm, and thanks for sharing the microphone, it really was for a good cause. Also, thank you to all of Chapman ladies, who did a great job and looked fabulous (not only the one’s in the pictures), our event coordinator and multimedia manager who put all of this together, and to all of the bars that opened their doors to us.


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