Featured Artists

Michael Hall

Michael has mastered the age old art of modeling wax and producing bronze sculpture. All Michael’s work shows the fine detail and beautiful composition of a truly imaginative artist. Experience has surpassed his education, which was well focused in the field of engineering and art, and his commissions are vast, as are his awards. Hall openly shares his knowledge and creativity, by offering his full studio and registered foundry to students, sculptors and collectors throughout the world. His sculpture portrays positivity, in its myriad strength, and is among the most intriguing works of art being collected today. With his vast interest in time, space, endurance and the evolvement of the human race, Michael finds a certain satisfaction in creating what he considers to be “artifacts of the future”. Works of art produced by Michael can be found in over 46 countries around the world and also in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

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Daniel Fox

Fox follows in the footsteps of his childhood heroes – David Attenborough, Jim Fowler & Jacques Cousteau – traveling Earth’s remote places. His lifelong passion for adventure and nature, and his commitment to inspire change and improving lives have led him to create The Wild Image Project, with the mission to motivate others and alter their perspective on global issues by aesthetically presenting information and ideas that stimulate engagement, involvement and transformation.

He is currently planning a 6-year around-the-world sailing expedition called “The E.P.I.C. Expedition.” His diving adventures are supported by Aqualung.


Renowned marine life artist Wyland changed the way people think about our environment when he started painting life-size whales on the sides of buildings in the 1980s. Wyland always thought big. And he never stopped.

Today, the Wyland name has become synonymous with the new generation of awareness about environmental conservation. Through his unique marine life paintings, sculptures, and photography, Wyland has inspired a generation about the importance of marine life conservation. His life – like his art – can find him anywhere around the world, at any time, from the Antarctic ice shelf on a photo expedition to document climate change to a grassroots journey down the Mississippi River on a mission of conservation.

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