Message in a Bottle opened this month at the American Museum of Natural History

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Message in a Bottle

We are very excited to announce that Message in a Bottle by New York based Creative Conservationist and our very own Event Coordinator here at The World federation For Coral Reef Conservation: Asher Jay Message in a Bottle, the brainchild of Asher Jay, is a conceptual, collaborative, art installation that offers individuals who hail from a variety of disciplines the opportunity to express their concerns and hopes for Planet Ocean through creative media, specifically through decoupaged, hand illustrated PET bottles. This endows marine conservation with a unique united front from which advocates as well as distressed denizens can address the long term welfare of the primordial soup that gave rise to all life on earth. It serves as a visual petition and a time capsule for the years that it documents, and amplifies the urgent blue memos expressed by proactive seafaring souls by lending a perceptible voice to their efforts, nourishing the global crusade to save the blue from further denudation and offering a singular platform for the simultaneous address of multiple issues and solution strategies.

Message in a BottlePremise: The installation is composed of post-consumer PET beverage bottles that have been decoupaged with waste paper and then illustrated with various ocean scenes that correspond to the quote given by each ‘Ocean Voice’ for their respective vessels. This way each bottle represents an individual in the real world, a tangible connection to a voice for the deep. Some of the renowned Voices this display showcases: Don Walsh, Sylvia Earle, Roger Payne, Rick Linnehan (astronaut), Chris Anderson (TED curator), Louie Psihoyos, James Costa, Richard Ellis, Chris Jordan, Shawn Heinrichs, Fabien Cousteau, George Schaller, Jean-Michel Cousteau, David De Rothschild, David Helvarg, Carl Safina, Alexandra Paul, Captain Paul Watson, Richard O’ Barry, Leilani Munter, John Quinones, Jeff Orlowski (Director of Chasing Ice), Ken Balcombe and many many more. The first 100 voices can be viewed on this online directory here.

Message in a Bottle

The next 200 voices will be uploaded by April-May in time for the respective Museum showcases. Visit the Official Website or check out the Vimeo Animation. The installation debut reception was held at Green Spaces, Tribeca on World Oceans Day 2012. It then traveled to the Dominican Republic for the DR Environmental Film Festival. It has since collaborated with the Finatics, a talented group of special needs kids from Green Chimneys, and with school children in the Caribbean, Denver, and New York City. The exhibit has also shown at the Washington Convention Center in D.C. and at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Co, during the Making Waves Festival in October. Several schools and universities are participating in the installation by creating satellite installations at their campuses, they also mail bottles to me so I can add their voices to my exhibit.