Coral Credit Program

Live corals and marine life are being harvested from their environment in an unregulated manner. These organisms are not easily replaced and are in danger of extinction if this harvesting continues.

The WFCRC aims to establish a Coral Credit Program (similar to a “Carbon Credit Program”) by which purchasers of harvested coral and marine life can make a contribution to fund the continuation of our coral conservation efforts.

For the purposes of the Coral Credit Program, we will focus on the damage that coral mining, divers/walkers, invertebrates for curio trade, invertebrates for food, and the marine ornamental trade can cause. In many parts of the world, these actions are not regulated, not kept in check. In many of the countries that export reef animals for the curio trade, there is a general lack of regulatory resources to manage the trade. Reefs in general are not able to withstand a prolonged curio trade, and are undergoing a broad array of stresses that are undermining their health and ability to withstand this type of assault.

The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC) is prepared to be the model for sharing information and best practices for addressing issues that have a direct effect of coral reefs. WFCRC will work closely with dive shops, curio store operators, and independent vendors to facilitate a method by which contributions may be solicited at the point of sale and consumers may immediately purchase coral credits to offset their recent live coral purchase.